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Sheet music showing Michael's composition


After receiving his initial musical training Michael he went on to study music at North Texas University. Shortly after, Michael continued his studies in orchestration and arranging under Don Sebesky, and later studied voice with pop music icon Michael Bolton.

Piano Technician

While Michael pursued his music education he apprenticed as a piano tuner, technician, and rebuilder. Years later he formed the piano company  "Finely Tuned Piano". He has serviced and tuned pianos for Chick Corea, David Benoit, the late Dave Brubeck and many others. Including the position as warranty service technician for Steinway, Baldwin, Samick, and Kimball.


Arranger and Producer
Michael’s  arranging, mixing, and engineering styles have had an influence on music lovers of all generations and from all walks of life. His clients recognize that his skill for "getting the music across" to the desired  audience has established its own standard.


Michael’s music embodies the art of songwriting in its most fundamental form. He has been at it for many years assisting clients in transforming their innermost thoughts into lyrics, melodies, and harmonies that thoroughly impress critics and listeners at any level. Covering any style from rock to soul to jazz, Michael's knowledge of music theory and composition is a winning asset to any musical project.


Choosing to share his wealth of knowledge and experience, Michael is occasionally available for giving lessons and/or tutoring in guitar, voice, music theory, composition and arranging. This may include but is not limited to  music prep entrance exams or even extended music projects.

Let Michael work his finely-tuned skills for your next music endevour. You'll be glad you did!

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