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Finely Tuned Audio

We specialize in delivering the best possible music and audio using our wealth of knowledge and technical expertise. Our experience in the field of music, recording, audio science, and entertainment is combined to deliver a final product that both captivates musically and sonically!

Do you need a producer to take your ideas to the next level?  Do your existing tracks need sweetening?  Whatever your need may be, we are ready, willing, and absolutely able to make  your project a huge success!

From personal demos to television, radio, video or CD projects; you've found the pefect place to finalize your project.  Here at Finely Tuned Audio.

Sessions on vocals, guitar, or keys. Producing your project YOUR WAY.
Capturing your sound.

String arrangements
Big band and ensemble charts
Personal transcriptions

Advertising Jingles
Radio and TV spots
Writing for bands and solo artists

We use PRO TOOLS  by Avid software and hardware. You deserve the best, and you'll get it!

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